Antenna Tuner IC
NRT provides two series of antenna tuning chips that can be applied to a large variety of wireless applications.

  • Open loop antenna tuner series: integrate high quality tunable passive device and associated controllers to tune antennas to specific frequencies. Multi-band multi-mode Tx/Rx is supported in a wide frequency range.

  • Closed-loop antenna tuner series: track and detect the antenna's operation and make necessary impedance tuning circuitry adaptively. The closed-loop antenna tuner tracks the optimal frequency and hence matches for the antenna in all user cases. Significant performance improvement is achieved on 5G flagship smart phones where the antenna implementation is way more complex than traditional 4G smart phones.
Product Highlights
  • Integrated impedance detection circuit
  • Reconfigurable antenna impedance matching newtwork
  • Adaptive closed-loop matching & tuning algorithm and system implementation
  • Wideband coverage: 0.4~6GHz 
  • Low insertion loss 
  • Ultra-high linearity  
  • MIPI RFFE bus control module IP