ursamajor UWB SoC 800 series

ursamajor Series UWB SoC 82885
Key characteristics
  • Fully compatible with standards
  • Accurate and secure ranging and positioning
  • Integrated RF front-end
  • High speed data transmission and radar sensing
  • Embedded MCU
  • Ultra-low power

ursamajor Series UWB SoC 81880
Key characteristics
  • Configured with an MCU that has a high-performance  processor
  • Support configurable GPIO that can be used with various interfaces such as QPSI/SPI/I2C/UART
  • Fully compatible with UWB standards
  • Highly precise and secured location measuring
  • Integrated, compact, high performance RF front-end
  • High speed data transmission and radar sensing
  • Ultra-low power consumption

ursamajor Series UWB SoC 81850
Key characteristics
  • Fully compatible with communication protocols
  • High-precision and secure location measurement
  • High integration, high-performance RF front-end, easy to develop, and space-saving
  • High-speed data transmission and radar perception
  • Ultra-low power consumption

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