NewRadioTech is a pioneer in the new radio technology. We focus on the silicon and system solutions for the next-generation wireless communication and positioning systems. Our team is composed of passionate experts and young professionals in the field of integrated circuits and communication systems with 10+ years of product experience. The R&D team has 1 IEEE Fellow, 3 IEEE Senior Members, and 9 PhDs from world prestigious research institutes. 

We leverage our proprietary UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology to produce a full-space precise ranging and positioning SoC that enriches the next-generation communication infrastructure. We also provide a full range of high-performance IC products including antenna tuners, 5G/B5G transceivers, data converters and IoT SoCs.

We provide tailored SoC solutions to our customers in 5 major industries: 
- Smart mobile devices and base stations
- Intelligent vehicles
- Mobile payment
- IoT devices and Smart homes
- AR/VR devices