With full-stack technical capabilities, we respond to market demands and provide service-oriented, customized chip product solutions to drive massive new applications and directions.


UWB is the one of best technologies for indoor high-precision positioning, and it also has multiple advantages such as communication, perception, and security. The high performance, high integration and low power consumption UWB SoC/SiP chip products of the ursamajor series of NewRadio Tech can be widely used in a variety of scenarios and product applications such as smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, wearable devices, etc.


Smart Antenna Tuning

The smart antenna tuning can monitor the working status of the mobile phone antenna in real-time and adaptively tune it. It not only enables the antenna to cover multiple frequency bands, but also improves the RF performance of the mobile phone under the influence of changes in the external environment, thus improving the overall power efficiency and reception sensitivity of the RF front-end, optimizing the user experience of the mobile phone.

Advanced Technologies for 5G

Key technologies such as high-speed, high-precision, and low-power ADC/DAC for 5G chips, high-performance and all-frequency synthesizers, high-linear, high-efficiency, silicon-based driver amplifiers, and ultra-wideband, low-power, low-noise amplifier.