Communication algorithm engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1.Responsible for algorithm design, algorithm selection, design objectives, algorithm implementation and algorithm optimization of the PHY layer regarding wireless communication system,
2. Complete algorithm documents to guide chip design engineers to complete design and verification of related modules;
3. Involved in verification, testing, analysis and solution of various problems encountered in actual development;
4. Provide positioning algorithm support for software engineers;

Job Requirements:
1. Communication engineering, electronic engineering, computer and other related majors. Master's degree or above. At least 2 years of relevant work experience;
2. Familiar with the theories and principles of communication digital signal processing, including modulation and demodulation, digital filtering, correlation detection, channel equalization, channel codec, link budget, etc.;
3. Proficient in using Matlab, able to use C/C++ and capable of  software development;
4. Experience in physical layer development such as UWB/GPS/BT/WIFI/4G/5G is preferred.
5. Good communication and teamwork skills;

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