FAE Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1. Provide customer technical support for the company's UWB high-precision positioning application solution, and solve onsite customer technical problems;
2. Assit in the design and verification of the DEMO board based on customer's needs and assist in sales to win DESIGN-IN;
3. Write application documents and provide customers with product and technical training;
4. Have insight into customer's system requirements and put forward product improvement suggestions or new product definition suggestions;
5. Keep up with the company's product market dynamics and collect market and competitive product information. 

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above in electronic or electrical engineering or related fields;
2. Have at least two years of experience in wireless communication product application and terminal design or more than one year of experience in wireless communication IC AE/FAE, AWB chip application background preferred
3.Antenna, PA, LNA, Filter and other circuit testing and application experience,familiar with RF circuit theory,
4. Able to skillfully use RF test instruments with strong circuit board soldering capabilities (such as QFN, LGA and 0201 components), and able to independently complete the support and debugging of customer projects;
5. Strong independent learning ability and good communication skills;
6. Technical support experience in first-line mobile phones and automobile customers is preferred;
7. Teamwork, optimistic, and self-driven .

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