Digital IC Design (Senior Engineer)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Large-scale digital system architecture design;
2. Modeling, implementation, simulation and verification of algorithms;
3. VLSI circuit implementation and system integration;
4. RTL code synthesis, timing analysis and back-end layout design;
5. Work collaboratively with digital verification team;
6. Collaborate with SoC system or subsystem integration;
7. Writing chip design documents.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, microelectronics, electronic engineering;
2. 3 years and above experience in digital integrated circuit design, understanding wireless communication protocol, proficient in DFT is preferred;
3. Have successful digital large-scale circuit tape-out experiences. Having integrated, PT and other back-end experience is preferred;
4. Proficient in Verilog/VHDL/systemverilog for module design;
5. Proficient in large-scale digital circuit system architecture design, simulation verification, circuit synthesis, and can independently complete the definition and division of digital modules;
6. Proficient in scripting languages such as tcl/perl/shell.
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