RF IC design (engineer)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Familiar with and can complete the design of a variety of RF circuits and systems, including the design and debugging of active products such as broadband high-power solid-state amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, RF switches, attenuators, and phase shifters;
2. The principle diagram, layout design and simulation analysis of RF microwave integrated circuit;
3. Overall design, debugging and testing of RF microwave hardware modules

Job Requirements:
1. Master degree or above in electromagnetic field and microwave, microelectronics, electronic engineering, work experience is preferred;
2. Understand the characteristics of various RFIC/MMIC circuits, including but not limited to: PA, LNA, Mixer, Driver, Frequency Multiplier, VCO and Inductor, Transformer, T-line, antenna, etc. Ability to think independently and have in-depth insights into various structures and circuits.
3. Familiar with electromagnetic field theory, possess EM simulation ability, and have good RF layout ability, can independently complete layout work or guide layout engineer to complete the work.
4. Familiar with the RF IC test system, including network branch, spectrum analyzer, signal source, familiar with the test process of various active and passive circuits and devices, and participate in the test team to complete the RF IC test. Work with the system design team to optimize and design the RF IC.
5. Skilled in using microwave design simulation software and circuit design software, such as Cadence, ADS, HFSS and other software;
6. Good teamwork spirit and technical learning ability. Have strong hands-on ability.
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