Analog IC design (engineer)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Design and verification of digital integrated circuit modules;
2. Complete the detailed design of the digital circuit module, and be responsible for the basic function verification of the designed module based on specifications;
3. Responsible for front-end design work, including circuit synthesis, timing check, form verification, etc.;
4. Provide technical support for module integration, verification, testing and debugging.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above in microelectronics.Successful experience in digital integrated circuit design and development is preferred;
2. Understand the technical knowhow and process of digital integrated circuits design and verification ;
3. Master the basic principles of digital signal processing and digital implementation methods, including digital filters, sampling transformations, modulation coding, etc.;
4. Proficient in Linux/Unix operating system, familiar with VHDL/Verilog and other tool languages;
5. Familiar with the digital IC design process and proficient in EDA tools;
6. Understanding of communication protocols and standards is preferred;
7. Experience in digital verification, DFT or digital back-end design is preferred;
8. Good teamwork spirit, strong learning and hands-on ability.

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