Digital-analog hybrid IC design (Senior Engineer)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Proficient and able to independently be responsible for leading the team to complete the high-performance PLL, ADC, DAC chip module system design, and participate in the overall design of the system chip;
2. Responsible for the design, simulation analysis and verification of the front-end circuit schematic diagram of the digital-analog mixed circuit module;
3. Responsible for layout design, layout physical verification (DRC, LVS, xRC) and post-simulation of digital-analog mixed circuit modules;
4. Responsible for formulating test plan and implementing verification;
5. Responsible for writing chip design documents.

Job Requirements:
1. Microelectronics/electronic engineering related major, master degree or above;
2. More than 6 years working experience in digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits of IC design companies, with multiple successful tape-out experiences;
3. Have a solid theoretical foundation of integrated circuits, proficient in digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits. Proficiency in designing SAR, Pipeline, Sigma-Delta and other architectures, and has his own in-depth insights on various structures and circuits;
4. Proficient in analog circuit design process and proficient in using mainstream simulation, Mixed-signal and other EDA simulation verification tools, such as Cadence Virtuoso, Calibre and digital circuit front-end design EDA tools;
5. Proficient in the operation of various commonly used test instruments, such as oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, etc.
6. Submit chip R&D reports and related test plans; assist test engineers to complete chip test, PCB board and test software design; complete chip test tasks, submit test reports, and propose improvements and plans;
7. Good English ability; excellent teamwork spirit and technical innovation ability. Have certain leadership skills.
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